Best Electric Shaver: Self Cleaning or Manual Cleaning ?

best electric shaver can offer people with the great advantage for shaving. Shaving becomes important daily activity especially for men. Of course people can find shaving routine which is done by women as well. Because the men and women skin area different, the shaver can have different characteristic. The difference can also be found from the shaving area so men and women shaver can have big difference. No matter what, it seems like shaving is a must for men and they have to invest the best option of electric shaver. Nowadays, people can find various products of electric shaver. Various brands offer electric shaver in different series. The electric shaver comes with various features as well which ease people for their shaving routine. Some people think that electric shaver can be used for dry shaving only but now they can find the electric shaver which can be used for wet shaving as well. There are more features which are attached to the electric shaver product including self cleaning ability. It sounds tempting for sure because people do not have to be troubled with the unit cleaning but before they invest their money on self cleaning electric shaver, they need to compare both options properly.


Self Cleaning

self cleaning

Yes, many people might think that self cleaning electric shaver can be a savior for their busy day. Just like any other products, people can find the good and bad sides of self cleaning shaver. It is better to learn about this further for making sure that they do not make the wrong choice of electric shaver. The good things can be found from this option actually. The great thing about this option is that the most products will do all the work automatically. It will include charging, cleaning, drying, and also lubricating. It must offer great convenience for many people because they only need to place their electric shaver head down into the self cleaning unit. The work can be done with just a push on the button. With this unit, people can experience the shaving which is free from fuss. There is no more need to spare their precious time just for opening the blades and brushing it. They even do not have to rinse their shaver with water and leave the head until dry before they can put it back together. They can really save time with this best electric shaver. People can find that the shaver will be cleaned in regular basis just by putting it in the self cleaning station. It will be perfect for them who find difficulty for maintaining their shaver cleaning habit after all. The feeling of fresh shave can be enjoyed every day for sure. Because the shaver will be charged automatically as well, people can always get the optimum performance of shaving. Daily cleaning will also maintain the blades at its best performance. However, to enjoy those great benefits, people have to spare space for placing the system. People must also spend a lot of money for buying the electric shaver with self cleaning system.


Manual Cleaning

manual cleaning

Now, it is the time to reconsider about manual cleaning electric shaver after people have enough information about the pros and cons of electric shaver with self cleaning system. Some people think that the self cleaning unit is great because they do not have to worry about cleaning the electric shavers with small brush. In fact, it is pretty easy to clean the electric shaver manually. The most units usually come with small brush which can be used for cleaning the blades. They just need to brush it can rinse the blades under the running water. The electric shaver lubricants can be bought separately although people can find it at the first purchase of some products. Of course there are various reasons which make people consider the self cleaning unit the most. The manual cleaning electric shaver will consume time because they have to clean it after using it. They cannot put it together before the blades are completely dry. It is easy to forget the cleaning routine when people are in a rush. Because the foil of the electric shaver can be damaged easily, it needs to be handled carefully so for some people, it might not be the best electric shaver.

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