Complete Guidance to Choose the Best Electric Shaver

Shaving is an activity that most men do to get their best look. Some of them prefer to do it every day to make them look tidy, but some other prefer to do it occasionally for certain purposes. But whatever your preference is, there are some things you need to know about the shaving product. Just keep reading the article to know what you should do to find the best electric shaver for you.

best electric shaver


What to Think Before Buying

There are some things you should put into consideration before buying electric shaver product, include:

  1. Purpose of Shaving

This is very important for you to think about your purpose of shaving before purchasing electric shaver. This is because some categories of the products function in different ways. Either you want to shave for daily basis so that your face will keep clean and tidy or you just want to trim your bread, different kind of electric shaver will serve you for different results. Foil razor will be suitable the most if you want to shave for daily basis since the razor blade can cut short hair. But, if you just want to trim your facial hair, then the rotary shaver will be best for you. This kind of shaver can cut long hair which grows into different directions.

  1. Power Supply and Consumption

The next thing to consider is the power supply and consumption needed by the electric shaver. There are three major types of powering include corded razors, plug – in charging unit, and battery powered. Corded razors are hardly found now since they are considered impractical. To use a plug – in shaver, you need to make sure that you have fully charged it before using it. This is important to prevent you run out of power while you are shaving. Battery powered shaver is also less practical and you can’t use it for daily basis due to the power consumption. This will be suitable the most for those who travel a lot.

  1. Wet or Dry

If you have sensitive skin or there are acnes on your face, choosing best electric shaver that requires you to use shaving cream or gel is the right decision. Just be careful in picking the wet or dry electric shaver since not all of the products can be applied with gel or creams. You need also to keep in mind that you cannot operate the tool when it is plugged in for safety reason. This is to avoid you to plug it in while you are in shower.


How can You Get the Best Shave 

How can You Get the Best Shave

To get best shave for upgrading your appearance, there are some tips to help you.

  1. Make Sure that Your Beard is Entirely Wet

The first thing you have to do is making sure that your beard is entirely wet. This trick will help you to get close shave and avoid irritation. It will be better if you showering first before shaving to make sure that your beard is completely wet.

  1. Apply Quality Shaving Cream or Gel

To get best shaving, you are recommended to apply high quality shaving cream or gel with high concentration of lubricant as well as moisturizers on your face. Also, the less foaming resulted by the cream will be better.

  1. Use Shaving Brush

Make sure that you also use shaving brush to get the best result of shaving. The brush can help you to rise up your hair so it will be possible for you get closer cut. The shaving brush also functions to remove exfoliation or dead skin cells on face. By removing the exfoliation, it will also prevent you from blemishes and razor bumps.

  1. Use the Razor Properly

Most men do not know how to use razor properly. To get best result of shaving, you have to shave by following the direction of the beard growth. You can start it from the sides. After you have done with the side part of your face, you can go to the mustache area and shave it. Shave gently to get better result. The last, you can go to your chin area and then shave it. This is the toughest area in your face so that you will need longer time to soften it by using shave cream.

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