Start Your Embroidery Business with the Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

Embroidery products are popular because of its uniqueness. You can start embroidery business based on this fact. One of important things to prepare is embroidery machine. Using the best commercial embroidery machine determines the quality of embroidery products you can create. Check list below and buy the best one suit to you.

Janome MB-4S

How about if you want to start a small embroidery shop at home or your garage? Actually, you need to use a small commercial embroidery machine such as Janome MB-4S. The best part of this embroidery machine is on its four needles and it is considered as the best four needles embroidery machine in the world. You can manage and set the detail through a clear LCD screen. The sophisticated system allows you to something with your embroidery design including enlarge, reduce, turnover, drag and drop, combine, edit, and many more. Just save up to 100 of your favorite designs and create it right away anytime you need it. The powerful motor helps this machine works faster than any traditional embroidery machines. Definitely, you can start to create a lot of embroidery products from home and sell it massively.


CAMFive CFHS-CT1508 is a solution if you have a lot of embroidery orders and have to finish it right away without reducing its quality. The powerful motor supports the machine to be a fast sewing machine. Moreover, you are about to use an embroidery machine with high tech features. Let say, you can manage the detail in a touchscreen control panel. The computerization system allows you to input more than one designs, delete the wrong file, edit the existing file, and many more. You can also control the speed easily as well as check the system to keep the quality and the quantity of the embroidery product.

CAMFive CFHS 1506

Janome MB-4S

CAMFive CFHS-CT1508 is not only a recommended commercial embroidery machine you can buy. Moreover, CAMFive CFHS 1506 is also a great embroidery machine option for commercial or business. The size is smaller than the CFHS 1508 but still worth it to produce high quality and quantity embroidery products. Computerized embroidery machine becomes the characteristic of CAMFive and you will also see this system on CAMFive CFHS 1506. This machine is ready to create embroidery products in various materials including leather, fabric, and canvas. Just make the setting faster and easier along with the touchscreen display and friendly control panel. CAMFive CFHS 1506 is a good machine for working with small embroidery such as names, letters, numbers, and words. You can save common designs on the internal memory and use it automatically anytime you want. The order can be finished efficiently and effectively with the high speed motor along with adjustable speed level.


Brother SE1800

One more recommended best commercial embroidery machine you can buy to support your business is Brother SE1800. As a 5×7 inch embroidery machine, you can use it to start a small embroidery business at home. Don’t underestimate the compact design because you can do more than you are expected such as creating buttonholes, fitting buttons, zipper piping, overcasting, and many more. Brother SE1800 is a great machine for those who love to create decorative embroidery products including scallop, shell tuck, floral designs, and many more.

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